Alexandra Watrous is a ceramic artist, educator, and full time mother living in Springdale, PA, just down river from where she was born. She started her career as a ceramic sculptor, earning a BFA in Ceramics from Edinboro University way back in the 90s. For many years she created her art while working, traveling, teaching, moving across country several times, caring for parents and finally children. She was lucky enough to have shown her art in many galleries and a couple museums along the way. In the last 7 years, Alex has refocused her ceramic talents into pottery making. Something she has always loved, and has taught, but had kept as a side love affair all those years.

In 2021 she made the decision to try her hand at starting a business creating small batch pottery. And so Waterhouse Pottery was born. Very soon after her first step toward creating this small business, as fate would have it, her roof blew off and it rained and rained and rained inside her house and studio. This was a huge setback. It took many months and then years to put the place back together, but the studio is better that ever and starting in early 2024, Waterhouse Pottery is finally in business!

Waterhouse Pottery focuses on handmade functional wares for your home and garden, but especially mugs because they are Alex’s favorite. She is inspired to create beautiful, well crafted objects that you can interact with everyday, as well as anything that will help you have more plants in your living space and encourage you to garden. She teaches a variety of ceramic related topics including wheel throwing, handbuilding, and kiln firing for beginners and advanced students. She also offers ceramic studio management services such as studio creation consultations and equipment repair.

Waterhouse Pottery is open by appointment.
615 Colfax Street, Springdale, PA 15144